Financial Processing

H3G Hutchison 3G ("3") choose Qorus Integration Engine to base all global interfaces for their ERP Global Single Instance (GSI) project based on Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications).

The project is called SEPL: Streamlined ERP Program Loader.

Project Overview

  • Interfacing for all ERP Processes (Finance, Supply Chain Management, HR, etc) for H3G UK, Ireland, and Austria
  • Serving > 7.5M End Customers
  • Qorus Integration Engine as the backbone
  • Integration Layer provides highly automated operations, SLA and Status Reporting

Hutchison Global SEPL Project Architecture

H3G SEPL Architecture

Qorus Features Leveraged

The following Qorus features made this large, mission-critical global enterprise project a success:
  • Enterprise scalability and performance
  • High performance pipelining database data, processing/generating text data
  • Security framework allowing a single Qorus instance (iSEPL above) to manage data from multiple countries and allow operators access to only authorized data, service, workflows, and statistics
  • Extreme flexibility regarding configuration and processing logic changes
  • Design focused on operations; automatic error handling, transparent status/SLA reporting

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