[-] General Developer FAQs

[+] How can I see the source of objects from the command-line?

[+] How add or update Qorus objects

[+] Can I delete objects from the system?

[+] Why can't my workflow / service / job / mapper see the changes I just made to a DB table?

[+] I just deleted an interface with oload, but it's still visible in the UI, what's wrong?

[+] What is the easiest way to get the current workflow_instanceid from workflow code?

[+] How can I insert the same sequence values in multiple columns using a system mapper?

[+] How can I cancel a workflow order from within the same workflow?

[+] How can I see the raw HTTP headers and body for outgoing SOAP messages?

[+] How can I see the raw HTTP headers and body for incoming HTTP messages?

[+] How can I change the verbose option at runtime for an interface?

[+] How can I create a new workflow order from the command line?

[+] How can I set a system property with a list or hash value from the command-line?

[+] How do I clear Qorus's SQL cache when a database table has been changed?

[+] How do I reset a workflow from the command line?

[+] How do I set a system option from the command line?

[+] How do I get a list of interfaces Qorus is listening on at runtime?