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Some time ago, Qore Technologies’ founder David Nichols came up with an idea for resolving very complex systems integration challenges at a global telco operator. The customer was facing high operational and development costs, a debilitating lack of business flexibility and very low integration process quality. Extensive market research indicated that no existing solution was designed to adequately address the issues the customer was facing; the best way forward to integrate data processing flows for more than 52M end customers while reducing development and operational costs and improving quality and business flexibility was a ground-up design of a new solution that allowed for very fast development and very low operating costs with very high process quality. Years of development and refinement in very large global mission-critical deployments have resulted in an extraordinary product with features unmatched on the market - and despite our significant past achievements, Qore Technologies is just getting started…

We have one metric for success: the dramatic improvement we make for your business bottom line...


Qore Technologies, s.r.o.
Přemyslovská 1939/28
130 00 Prague
Czech Republic

IČO: 27693945
DIČ: CZ27693945

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