Citizen Integrators – Powering Operational Excellence Through Business Automation and IT/OT Integration

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As the enterprise segment continues to evolve, and with growing interest in digital transformation and IoT initiatives, as a mean to achieve a competitive edge, across industries, we believe Qore Technologies can not only help organizations to keep up with the modern trends but is also uniquely positioned to solve one of the biggest back-office and IT challenges organizations are currently facing: the need to structure, manage and automate their processes streams for enabling business at scale.

The “Citizen Integrator” trend started a few years ago with the emergence of cloud agnostic iPaaS platforms for the enterprise segment. Forrester described this trend as a logical next step in the evolution of modern technology users without a technical background. 

Historically, non-expert users were not allowed to interact with business IT systems; because these systems were overly costly and complex, they were usually handled by internal or 3rd party developers/consultants with extensive technical knowledge. This isolated method proved to be inefficient in handling new business demands and organizations’ need for business agility, responsiveness and scalability as key competitive edge drivers.  Modern technology and the emergence of Cloud/iPaaS solutions closed this gap through a more user-friendly approach to achieving an agile business structure and operational excellence, done faster, and under much lower costs by empowering business and technical users alike with the new, user-friendly tools. 

The benefit? Projects that would have taken a team of expert developers’ months to complete can now be done in a matter of days – hours even, with unprecedented cost savings. 

Instead of having to learn complicated programming languages, citizen integrators need only to use the building block-based architecture in a drag-and-drop interface to perform easy software configuration and integration of IT systems, as well as handle internal process automation tasks with more productivity and agility through fault-tolerance. 

The focus is placed on building automated business tasks, improving business outcomes and customer satisfaction through a rapid time to market of sales and marketing initiatives. The approach has many recorded benefits such as efficient IT/OT convergence and increased success of overall digital transformation efforts, with predictions that it will become a new enterprise business norm by 2022. 

Introducing Citizen Integrators

It all sounds too good to be true, we know, because how can someone, who has never written a piece of code in their entire life, suddenly be responsible for something so complicated as IT/OT/IoT integration, process automation and digital transformation, using technology in Cloud? 

Let us give you an example: 

An enterprise needs to launch a new campaign to acquire new and/or retain their customers. Marketing and sales employees know what outcomes to expect, but what they don’t know is the extent of processing behind each campaign that needs to take place throughout the organization. In order for this seemingly simple campaign to be launched, various data need to be set up and recorded from organization’s back-office through various other departments (e.g. finance, order management, procurement, logistics, new client activation, etc.) and systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, ESB…) All of the aforementioned tasks take substantial investments in terms of development time and money. 

Automation and integration are key to making this campaign a reality, without expensive resources and long delivery times involved – in order to maintain tight budgets and ensure business continuity. 

Citizen Integrators are the keys to success. Imagine those marketing and sales employees having access to these tools and setting up these campaigns on their own, in a fraction of associated time and cost. Mission impossible? Not anymore. 

Qorus Integration Engine® 

Through our low-code/no-code building block solution, Citizen Integrators are empowered to perform integration and automation task with no programing skills required. Think LEGO blocks and drag-n-drop actions. It’s as simple as that to configure your own solution. 

Like LEGO’s – building blocks are ‘packages’ of pre-written code, configurated to perform a certain task. By selecting the desired functionality and combining these blocks through a drag-and-drop interface, a Citizen Integrator can build the desired process as easy as building a LEGO figure. 

Once built, these components can be saved and combined to build other, more complex tasks as reusable components that can be integrated with any other data, system or App. 

Reusable building block development

The simplest of building blocks can be used for a number of common use-case scenarios, deployed in only a few clicks and configured through a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. A wide array of these pre-defined building blocks come with installed connectors (e.g. for connectivity to SAP or Salesforce) for no-fuss integration to existing legacy and/or modern IT environment. 

Other users can re-use components, previously created by someone else, which significantly simplifies the development process, enabling agility and democratization of the development environment by abandoning the siloed approach across the organization, directly reducing development cost and effort. 

What now?

Empowering your organization to deliver complex enterprise integration functionality in less time, cost and with less risk using non-expert users will enable your organization to focus on what it does best, improving productivity while making it easier to ensure IT, regulatory, security and compliance guidelines are followed. 

Access to the development environment is secure and manageable, digital process automation eliminates the human error factor through zero-touch operations, processing is fully GDPR-compliant and development time and costs are significantly reduced through the use of standard API connectors and ready-made templates that can be easily configured. A comprehensive dashboard provides a 360° overview of the processing environment as well as savings made through automation and efficient IT/OT integration. 

For more information on how Citizen Integrators can use Qorus Integration Engine® and/or on how to become one, book a free demo and experience the real power of IT/OT integration and our digital process automation (DPA) driven by IoT.

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