CGF Romania S.R.L. Awarded Platinum Implementation Partner Status by Qore Technologies

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Qore Technologies Awarded Counsel Group Frankfurt (CGF) – Romania S.R.L. with Platinum Partnership Status For Enterprise Implementation Of Digital Process Automation And IT/OT Integration Solution

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic, May 20, 2020 –We proudly announce that Counsel Group Frankfurt (CGF) Romania S.R.L.  has been awarded Qore Technologies Platinum Implementation Partner status. As a part of Qore Technologies continued commitment in delivering a smart digital process automation and IT/OT integration solution to the enterprise segment, this partnership will allow broader outreach in the automotive, manufacturing and financial/banking market segments in the territory of Central and Eastern Europe, covered by CGF – Romania S.R.L.

“Qore Technologies partnership came as a logical step in our efforts to provide better services for our clients. Their digital process automation and IT/OT integration solution, driven by real-world IoT events was exactly what we were looking for. Through this partnership we are able to provide faster and more profitable service for our clients, helping them perform successful digital transformation and achieve unparalleled business scalability. By leveraging the 360ofeatures of Qorus Integration Engine® we are able to win more customers through successful project outcomes and scale our business as well, since Qore Technologies is the only solution provider in the market with a fully rounded platform capabilities – a one stop shop for solving miscellaneous operational issues, for us as well as our clients,”  said Mircea-Victor Voiteanu CGF Country Manager, Romania.

CGF’s ability to drive operational excellence along with full implementation of IT automation and integration solutions is another reason why Qore Technologies has awarded them with the Platinum Implementation Partnership level.

“CGF has been instrumental in executing best IT practices for business process orchestration, using our solution to deliver process automation, transaction safety, high levels of security, compliance and IT/OT integration in service of their customer’s digital transformation efforts. We are extremely proud of the work of their team and their dedication and commitment to passing all Qorus certification levels. The Platinum Implementation Partner status is yet another validation point of their efforts and we couldn’t be happier to welcome CGF to our Partner Enterprise Eco system with partner-led innovation and service support,”  said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies.

The collaboration between CGF and Qore Technologies highlights what can be achieved with the right mindset and technology in place to achieve common goals and leading to a shared solution for one of the world’s biggest crises. The challenge that COVID-19 brought to global businesses is how to build the new business models and create positive customer experiences for a post-COVID world. Utilizing sophisticated technology to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency is now the most essential element, and technology partnerships targeting this are likely to have a lasting impact and become common practice in addressing enterprise segment business needs.

In a closing remark, Mr. Nichols mentioned: “The current pandemic requires an “all hands on deck” approach – meaning: the best ideas, the most competent people and non-stop efforts to blunt the pandemic’s impact to our lives and livelihoods. This is why strategic partnerships are now more important than ever, to bring out the best in people and to highlight the spirit of support and innovation. Many companies have gone to great lengths to support the emergency response by forming synergies and combining various ideas. We are smarter and more efficient together.”  

About Counsel Group Frankfurt - Romania:

Counsel Group Frankfurt Romania is a subsidiary of CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt AG, a German based company, active internationally. Proximity to clients and the CIO (Consult, Implement and Optimize) approach are two of the reasons why CGF is a highly valued partner for its clients. As part of its “We offer solutions” mission CGF provides IT services, support and solutions to various industries and business environments, through a counseling approach aimed towards understanding their clients’ requirements and creating solutions that best suit their business needs. As CGF was created based on the idea of offering each client custom solutions in the IT environment, the company enjoys an extraordinarily high customer satisfaction rating for helping them set up IT processes that are easy to use and creating the most efficient and profitable result for their clients.

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