Amazon Web Services (AWS) Helps Qore Technologies Empower Citizen Integrators And IT/OT/IoT Integration To Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

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One of the world’s leading providers of cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), helped Qore Technologies promote a unique iPaaS solution for enterprises by empowering citizen integrators to take control over IT/OT integration and accelerate digital transformation. 

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Feb. 10, 2020 – Qore Technologies, the maker of Qorus Integration Engine® and a leader in low-code/no-code digital process automation (DPA) today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s leading providers of could computing services, helped Qore Technologies build awareness and increase visibility of their IoT driven digital process automation (DPA) solution, through Amazon Partner Network (APN) partner support program and co-sponsored online marketing activities.

The initiative came as a part of AWS Partner Network efforts to support the adoption of startup solutions within enterprise environments, and as a part of Amazon’s ongoing mission to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company. In pursuit of this mission, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has empowered startups across the globe with the tools and support to build, scale and promote their solutions faster and more cost effectively.

Through the AWS Partner Network services and tailored partner marketing and co-sell campaigns, the best iPaaS solutions get the visibility within the AWS customer network – an exposure that is critical to success of any business.

On another end, AWS is solving critical customer issues and challenges related to digital transformation through deploying modern technologies in Cloud (as an iPaas/SaaS solution offering).

Qore Technologies digital process automation (DPA) solution driven by real-world IoT events, has been a part of AWS for three years and in that time we have automated processes of several TOP500 enterprises, serving nearly 60M people across the globe, including various enterprise divisions – from HR, billing, procurement, order management, logistics, manufacturing and others,” said David Nichols, CEO of Qore Technologies. “Amazon Partner Network helped us build brand awareness, drive new business and accelerate sales cycles through AWS co-selling activities. Connecting with opportunities through AWS helped not only our business results but also to serve our customers better and to enhance the RoI of our solution.” – he added.

In 2019 Qore Technologies became an AWS Select Partner and joined the APN as one of the few technology vendors with a fully digital integration and process automation offering for enterprises. APN’s investment in Qore Technologies derived from recognizing its achievements in automating complex enterprise processes and driving enterprise digital transformation through fault-tolerant digital process automation (DPA) features of Qorus Integration Engine® solution, which enables non-technical business users (Citizen Integrators) to take control of the IT/OT/IoT integration through low-code / no-code building block architecture, for efficient and secure process automation setup and for facilitating smooth IT integration throughout the enterprise. By eliminating the need for extensive development, Qore Technologies enables efficient business scalability and unparalleled cost savings for organizations undergoing digital transformation initiatives.

With the help of APN, Qore Technologies has built a strong reputation of empowering our enterprise customers to successfully scale their business and drive greater efficiencies through digitally automating their business processes,” said Mr. Osman Yildirim, Partner Development AM at AWS. “Our enterprise clients are impressed with how Qore Technologies innovative iPaaS solution enabled extensive cost savings and facilitated operational efficiency by empowering non-expert users to take control of IT processes.

Qorus Integration Engine® as an AWS iPaaS solution integrates and automates existing processes with legacy and modern IT systems and applications (e.g. SAP, Salesforce and other) to support digital transformation efforts and build a fault-tolerant automation across all departments and business requests.

In a closing remark, Mr. Nichols mentioned: “Since our cooperation with AWS, we’ve been able to develop a more comprehensive set of cloud features of our platform, which has been instrumental in democratizing process automation, allowing enterprises to ultimately take control of their IT process environment and accelerate their digital transformation, ensuring the success of the overall digital transformation project. As a result, organizations are more cost-efficient, with rapid time to market of their sales and marketing initiatives, and ability to make faster and more accurate decisions through higher quality data output. We are honored to be recognized by Amazon Partner Network (APN) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a solution worth investing in and promoting to their enterprise customers as a platform that represents the foundation of successful digital transformation.

About Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Partner Network (APN):

To learn more about how AWS and the AWS Partner Network (APN) are supporting startups, check out the APN Startup Spotlight page that showcases the success selected startups and their investors have had with AWS enterprise customers.

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