Day: February 19, 2020

Qorus Integration Engine® Version 4.1 Introduces a Greatly Enhanced Enterprise IDE Empowering Citizen Integrators

February 18th 2020 – The new, open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) empowers non-expert users (aka citizen integrators) to deliver sophisticated fault-tolerant and transaction-safe enterprise integration solutions with high operational reliability and a very low TCO.
“With Qorus, our customers no longer have to accept the limitations of their existing integration platform, rather they can extend and combine our building blocks to make new ones or create their own fault-tolerant/transaction safe reusable solutions. Our key differentiating factor is that Qorus is a completely open platform for developing reusable component-based integration solutions, even by non-expert users. This provides real long-term value to customers looking for a competitive edge through digital transformation.”

IDE empowers citizen integrators

how Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Empowers Citizen Integrators To Drive Enterprise Business Success

February 19th 2020 – You’ll want to check out our revolutionary new IDE, reflecting our efforts to improve the user experience and empower citizen integrators/business users by stressing configuration over coding.
With Qorus version 4.1 we give organizations the best of both worlds: enhancing business agility with internal control of integration environment, by empowering non-expert users to accelerate the pace of business through the innovative and rapid creation of the IT automation solutions they need.