Day: February 10, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Helps Qore Technologies Empower Citizen Integrators And IT/OT/IoT Integration To Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

February 10th 2020 – Qore Technologies, the maker of Qorus Integration Engine® and a leader in low-code/no-code digital process automation (DPA) today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s leading providers of could computing services, helped Qore Technologies build awareness and increase visibility of their IoT driven digital process automation (DPA) solution, through Amazon Partner Network (APN) partner support program and co-sponsored online marketing activities.

Citizen Integrators – Powering Operational Excellence Through Business Automation and IT/OT Integration

February 10th 2020 – The “Citizen Integrator” trend started a few years ago with the emergence of cloud agnostic iPaaS platforms for the enterprise segment. Forrester described this trend as a logical next step in the evolution of modern technology users without a technical background. Through our low-code/no-code building block solution, Citizen Integrators are empowered to perform integration and automation task with no programing skills required. Think LEGO blocks and drag-n-drop actions. It’s as simple as that to configure your own solution.